About Us

Projects Group, the idea was conceived among a group of friends that one day we could create our own individual businesses and bring them altogether under one roof. That idea became reality in late 2019.

Projects Group is looking to grow and expand its portfolio of businesses. The underlying goal is to achieve synergy within the portfolio where we are in a position to bring new and exciting products and services to our customers. That being said, we would never trade growth at the expense of quality and service.

Our Brands

Projects Gaming, it started with the idea to bring improved and increased options to the table for gamers. We embrace new design languages and innovative technology to satisfy the ever growing needs of a gamer.

The ambition is to grow Projects Gaming into a leading all-encompassing gamer brand with precision focus on performance. We can't accomplish this mission without the help, support and feedback from our beloved customers. Customers are invaluable as they will be the ones to validate our products and decide how far we will go.

We are striving to bring performance, design and quality and customer service to all our offerings. We are extremely passionate about our products, since we use them on a daily basis. There will be some hiccups and that is just the nature of electronics and being a newcomer on to the gaming scene, but we will be accountable for it, improve from it, and ensure all relevant parties are taken care of in a fair manner.

Projects Gaming was founded in 2019 by Canadians and headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Toronto

Projects Invest, was founded in January 2021 with the focus on stocks and crypto. We created this brand and YouTube channel to entertain our subscribers, and hopefully by chance, they make good investments, and buy our Projects Gaming products with the profits.